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Telemental Health

Telemental health is as effective as in-person therapy for many people.  For some clients, telemental health seems to be even better than in-person therapy.  Still, everyone is different, and of course there are some clients for whom telemental health is not appropriate or not as effective.  We will continuously assess whether telemental health is right for you and discuss alternatives as needed.  If you have questions or concerns about telemental health, please contact me to discuss it.

Important Note About Location

My license only permits me to work with you when you are in Pennsylvania.  Even if we meet via videoconferencing or phone you will need to be located in Pennsylvania for each session.  This does not mean I can only work with Pennsylvania residents.  You may be a resident of another state with access to a location in Pennsylvania where you can go for your sessions.  You just need to be physically in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of each session.


Technology & Environment

I use secure, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing through Zoom.  I will give you a meeting ID and passcode to join your sessions.  You can download the Zoom app or join from a browser by clicking this link:


There are many ways you can prepare your technology and your space to help protect your privacy and to ensure the best possible telemental health experience.  I recommend you take time to do this in advance.  You can learn about how to do this here:

Communication & Safety

We will discuss a plan for what to do if the internet, power or technology fails during a session.  In most cases, I will call you to finish the session by phone.  You can also call me at 610-995-6319.


We will also create a safety plan.  Since we will not physically be together, I cannot support you in person if you need help.  The safety plan explains how to handle mental health and other emergencies.


If you have an emergency between sessions, do not contact me first.  I am not a provider of crisis or emergency services.  For a mental health emergency, call or text 988, call your local mental health crisis number or go to the nearest emergency room.  For other emergencies, call 911.  Once the emergency is resolved and you and others are safe you can call me to let me know what happened.

About Telemental Health

I have a 100% virtual practice, and I am certified in telemental health.  Telemental health (also called online therapy or teletherapy) is the delivery of mental health services using electronic technologies when the clinician and client are in different physical locations.  I use videoconferencing for therapy and phone calls or secure messaging to address administrative issues between sessions.  I only use telephone therapy sessions in an emergency or if the internet is not available.

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