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Your depression may be:

  • short term, episodic or chronic

  • seasonal

  • related to trauma or loss

  • because of hormonal changes

  • worse at certain times or in certain situations

  • debilitating or manageable

  • brought on or made worse by a medical condition

  • connected with a recent or upcoming change

Whatever the cause of or circumstances around your depression, I can help you work towards feeling better.  Even if your depression has a genetic or neurochemical component, you do not have to suffer with it indefinitely.  Neuroscience is teaching us that life experiences can change brain chemistry and can cause genes to turn on or off.  I can help you address any underlying issues, strengthen your coping skills and work towards getting your depression under control.

Feeling sad or down from time to time is normal and part of being human.  Depression, on the other hand, is deeper and lasts longer than typical sadness, and it can often feel unbearable.  Sadness is like when it rains for a while, maybe for a few hours or a day or two.  Then the storm passes, and the sun comes out again.  Depression is when it rains all day, every day, for weeks or months or years, and you don’t feel like there’s any hope of ever seeing the sun again.  If this sounds familiar, you may want support to address your depression.

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