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Life Transitions

Do you feel overwhelmed related to a change in your life?  Transitions, whether positive or negative, can often feel stressful and challenging.  If you need extra support to get through a transition in your life, to work towards a desired transition or to settle into your “new life” after a transition, I can help you with this in therapy.

Any big change in your life is a transition, for example:

  • Starting or graduating from school

  • Starting a new relationship, moving in with someone or getting married

  • Going through a breakup, separation or divorce

  • Having or adopting a child

  • Starting a new job or career

  • Losing a job or retiring

  • Experiencing a significant change in finances

  • Moving out of your parents’ home

  • Adjusting to adult children leaving home

  • Moving to a new home and/or new area

  • Buying or selling a home

  • Being diagnosed with a health condition

  • Experiencing physical or cognitive changes with aging

  • Becoming a caregiver

  • Experiencing or anticipating the death of a loved one


Every transition also involves loss, even if the change itself is positive.  For example, while you may be excited about getting married, you may also feel the loss of your identity as a single person.  Or, while you may be happy about the birth of a child, you may also feel the loss of hobbies as you devote time and energy to parenting instead.  I can help you process the losses and adapt and move forward in a healthy way.

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