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About Me

I am a psychotherapist located in Wayne, PA.  I specialize in helping people heal from trauma and grief, and I also work with clients to address a variety of other types of issues.  I primarily use EMDR therapy within a trauma therapy framework, and I incorporate ideas and techniques from other types of therapy when appropriate.  I am currently offering telemental health only due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and I am certified in telemental health.  In addition to my private practice, I am also an EMDR Approved Consultant with EMDR Consulting, Inc.

Before starting my private practice, I worked in two community mental health programs.  One was at Community Hospital in Chester, PA, part of the Crozer Health System, and the other was at Fellowship Health Resources, a non-profit agency in Phoenixville, PA.  In both of these organizations, I was an Outpatient Therapist, providing psychotherapy to adult clients in an individual therapy format.  I was a generalist, and I worked with clients who presented with a wide range of different types of mental health challenges.

Over time, I realized almost all of my clients had significant histories of trauma and loss that had not really been addressed by previous therapy.  I began to pursue specialized training in trauma therapy to be better able to help these clients.  We often found that once the underlying trauma and grief issues were addressed, other difficulties the clients were having also started to improve and resolve.  In this way, I learned important lessons from my clients, even as I was helping them.


Now in private practice, I regularly pursue ongoing training to stay current with new research and best practices.  My work is grounded in an understanding of how the brain and nervous system work, how trauma affects them and the neurobiological underpinnings of both mental health symptoms and therapy techniques.  I enjoy learning this fascinating information and feel grateful to be able to apply it in my work, especially when I see the major changes it helps my clients achieve.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I was an educator.  I have experience teaching a variety of subjects and skills to students of all ages, from pre-K through adult, in both formal and informal settings.  My education background enhances my understanding of human and cognitive development throughout the lifespan and theories of teaching and learning, all of which supports my work as a therapist in many ways.


I am also a certified yoga teacher.  I have taught yoga, meditation and mindfulness to both children and adults in many different types of settings.  I incorporate practices and philosophy from these traditions in my work as a therapist when it seems to be appropriate for specific clients.

To learn more about my license, education and training, please click here.

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