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EMDR Consultation

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant (AC), I support therapists who are learning how to use EMDR therapy.  I assist with EMDR basic trainings and lead basic training consultation groups for EMDR Consulting, and I use EMDR Consulting’s integrative and belief-focused model of EMDR.

I also provide consultation towards EMDR certification and general EMDR consultation.  As an AC, I can provide all 20 of the consultation hours needed for certification.  To learn more about the certification process and requirements, please visit the following two webpages:

My EMDR consultation is all virtual via Zoom.  My rate for individual consultation is $165 per hour.  I also offer a consultation group for people who are pursuing EMDR certification, which meets monthly for 2 hours for 5 months.  The cost for the entire 10 hours is $550, paid in advance.  Please contact me for more information, including group dates and times, or to discuss whether we might be a good fit for consultation.

My EMDR Experience

EMDR is a significant part of my clinical practice.  In keeping with the Adapative Information Processing (AIP) theory, I believe a wide range of interpersonal challenges, negative self-beliefs and mental health symptoms are related to unresolved issues from the past.  I use EMDR to help clients reprocess these memories, including so-called “big T” traumas, attachment trauma, preverbal trauma, traumatic loss and other types of oppressive, challenging or emotionally overwhelming experiences.

I use EMDR to support clients in addressing a variety of issues, including trauma, grief, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, relationship difficulties, life transitions and stress management.  Placing a strong emphasis on resource development, I help clients improve emotional regulation and build and enhance strengths, resources and coping skills.  With an integrative approach to EMDR therapy, and I incorporate elements of somatic therapy, parts work, mindfulness, yoga, psychodynamic and relational therapy and creative arts, depending on each client's needs.


My clinical experience has been working with adult clients (18+) in individual therapy.  Prior to starting my private practice, I was an outpatient therapist in two community mental health programs, where I worked with clients with a broad range of mental health disorders and presenting concerns.  As a former elementary school teacher, I can offer some ideas for working with children.  However, I recommend that consultees working with children also obtain consultation with someone who has direct experience of using EMDR therapy with children.

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