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Clinical Supervision

Theoretical Orientation

I utilize an integrative approach, including theories of trauma therapy and grief counseling, attachment and relational theories and aspects of many other theories.  Heavily influenced by neuroscience and EMDR therapy’s Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) theory, I believe a wide range of interpersonal challenges, negative self-beliefs and mental health symptoms are related to unresolved issues from the past.  AIP theory also maintains that each person’s brain already has the information it needs in order to heal but may be missing important connections between that information and the past memories that feed their current difficulties.


By collaborating together, my clients and I come to understand how past experiences are still affecting them today and facilitate the necessary connections being made in their brain to bring about deep emotional healing.  I incorporate a variety of experiential techniques from EMDR therapy, somatic therapies, parts work, mindfulness and yoga, as well as more traditional talk therapy.  Clients improve nervous system regulation and manage emotional responses, process and heal from unresolved past experiences, create meaningful change in the present and develop the future they want.

Areas of Expertise

My specialty is helping adult clients (18+) heal from trauma and grief, and I have post-graduate training in trauma counseling, grief counseling, EMDR therapy and telemental health.  The types of unresolved experiences I most often work with include so-called “big T” traumas, attachment trauma, significant losses and other types of trauma, such as having grown up in poverty or experiences of oppression.  I also have considerable experience working with clients to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, as well as to address relationship difficulties, navigate life transitions and manage stress in general.

Having been an intake therapist and an outpatient therapist in community mental health programs, I can support supervisees in similar generalist roles.  In addition to my Master’s in social work, I also have a Master’s in education and a previous career as an educator.  I am knowledgeable about theories of education and learning, and I enjoy the teaching aspects of being a therapist.  I am also a certified yoga teacher and have experience teaching yoga and meditation in diverse settings and incorporating techniques from these traditions into therapy when appropriate.

Supervision Philosophy

As a supervisor, I strive to create a space in which supervisees can learn and grow and feel safe to admit and explore uncertainty and mistakes.  My style is warm and caring and, when needed, gently challenging.  Depending on the circumstances, I wear a variety of hats, including being a case consultant, teacher, sounding board and support person, and I demonstrate and promote the openness and curiosity of a lifelong learner.  With an emphasis on ethical decision making and awareness of legal regulations, I help supervisees cultivate sound judgment in complex clinical situations.


I also work with supervisees to understand how their interactions with clients may activate their own unresolved trauma and grief and how to both manage and use these responses to enhance their clients’ therapy.  For both client situations and therapist self-care, I offer practical suggestions, such as techniques and approaches to try, and I encourage and model compassionate inquiry and relational attunement to deepen case conceptualization and establish genuine connection in the therapeutic alliance.  I actively recognize supervisees’ strengths and knowledge to bolster their increasing confidence and sense of competency.

I offer supervision for early career therapists in Pennsylvania who need supervision towards their clinical license.  I am able to provide 100% of the needed supervision hours for LSWs and up to 50% for pre-licensed professional counselors and marriage and family therapists.  Other allied professionals, please consult your Board regulations to determine whether or not an LCSW may provide supervision.

My clinical supervision individual and virtual.  I do not have a supervision group at this time.  My current fee for supervision is $75 per hour.  If cost is a barrier, please discuss it with me.

Please see below for more information about my theoretical orientation, areas of expertise and supervision philosophy, and please contact me if you would like to discuss this further and see whether or not we might be a good fit for supervision.

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